Stone School is an outstanding preschool. My son enjoyed every single moment there. The environment of this school is very nurturing, my son developed socially and gained lots of knowledge about letters, numbers and letters’ sounds. Thanks Miss Rauchelle for your efforts and thanks to all moms who help in running this awesome place.

– Somaia Sabry, parent

I get emotional every time I talk about how much we love this school. The enrichment our son receives (socially, emotionally, and academically) from his experience in Miss Rauchelle’s 4’s class is astounding. He looks forward to school every day and is sad to leave. He has grown in his math and literacy skills and in his empathy for others. I cannot say enough about how wonderful our experience has been.

– Jessica Kander, parent

We have been a Stone School Cooperative family for the last five years with one more to go! We have loved our time being a part of this great community school. Being able to be present in the classroom, helping the teacher and have special times spent together with my children have been great. My children have mastered skills, socialized, played and created during their time here. We have built long lasting friendships and are (obviously) happy to spread the word!

– Niki Coatney, parent

My daughter has learned so much at Stone School. Not only academic skills such as math and phonics, but also important social skills such as careful listening and effective communication with teachers and peers. After seeing how excited my daughter was to go to 3’s class every day, I dual-enrolled her in 3/4’s and 4’s PM for her second year, and she has been loving every┬ásingle day! I love the welcoming community and involvement that come with the co-op preschool experience.

– Alicia Smith, parent

Stone School Co-op Preschool has been a great place for my kids to begin their formal learning journey. The teachers use best practices and their joy for teaching and children is evident every day. My children have all been very well prepared for the Ann Arbor Public Schools where they have excelled. I am grateful for the social skills my kids have developed in this safe and nurturing environment. And I have met some of my dearest friends at Stone School. I highly recommend this preschool!

– Xan Morgan, parent

Stone School has played an important role in both my children’s education, it was a wonderful introduction to school. It has taught them both to love school and to be excited about learning. Stone School is a very nurturing environment, and from the first day both my children were comfortable and at ease at school. They both grew academically and socially as well at the school, and I felt they were both very well prepared for kindergarten.

The friendships made with other parents has been a blessing, and being able to be involved with my child’s education in this way has really made me bond with my children, the teachers and other parents.

– Jessica Gilbert, parent

Outstanding environment for children academically and socially. Stone is a safe, fun & nurturing place, take a look you won’t be disappointed.

– Carl Jackson, parent

Stone School is a great school! Why don’t you try going there?

– Cassie, 3/4’s & 4’s student

Stone School is the best preschool in the world!

– Jack, 4’s student