Parents’ Roles & Responsibilties

Parents take an active role in the management and daily operations of Stone School. The unique quality of the cooperative preschool lies in the fact that you, the parents, and your child go to school together. Your child goes to Stone School several times each week and you go only a few times each semester, but as each person interacts with the group—the teacher, children and other parents—the learning experience is shared. Each parent, like the child, adds something new to the group as a whole, whether it be a special sense of humor or the ability to fix a light switch.

Each class will have 2–3 assist parents based on class size (maximum class size is 23).

  • Curb Parent. Responsible for getting children out of cars in the curb cut and bringing them into the classroom. Also assists with taking children to the cars at the end of the day.
  • Art Parent. Supervises art project for the day.
  • Snack Parent. Provides the snack and supervises the basement during free play. We are a nut free facility.

Assist days offer enjoyable and rewarding experiences for parents in a cooperative preschool. They give parents a chance to observe their own child interacting with other children and adults, to become acquainted with many different children, and to become associated in their child’s mind as part of the preschool. Parents will rotate through the roles on their assist days. The average assist frequency varies depending on class size. You will be the assist parent roughly every 5–7 classes, depending on your class size. This would be roughly every three weeks in the 3’s and 3/4’s which meet twice a week and every two weeks in the 4’s which meet three times a week. An assist schedule is drawn up at the beginning of the school year.

In addition to classroom assists, each family is responsible for:

  • one weekend cleanup per year
  • one seasonal work day per year
  • one school job
  • attending two all-school general meetings (fall and spring)
  • selling $100 in raffle tickets in the spring (or purchasing the tickets outright)
  • participating in optional fundraising at your discretion