Family Involvement

Assisting in the Classroom

Assist days offer an enjoyable experience for both parents and children in a cooperative preschool.  

Benefits for Parents:

    • Observe their child interacting with other children and adults
    • Gain understanding of their child’s development
    • Learn how to reinforce teaching techniques and skills
    • Have an opportunity to network with other parents

Benefits for Children:

    • Learn through positive role-modeling
    • Benefit from a low child-adult ratio
    • Share learning experience with parents in real-time
    • Have a sense of security and pride when parents are assisting

Each class will have 2–3 assist parents* based on class size (maximum class size is 23).

  • Curb Parent
    •  Responsible for getting children out of cars at the curbside cutout and bringing them into the classroom. Also helps supervise outdoor play.
  • Art Parent
    • Supervises art project for the day and light clean up.
  • Snack Parent
    •  Provides the snack and supervises the basement during free play.
*Each family will be responsible for each assist role, on a rotation throughout the school year.   All assist parents arrive 5 minutes prior to the start of class and stay until the last child is picked up for the day.  All families will assist approximately the same amount of times per year.   

In addition to classroom assists, each family is responsible for:

    • one school job
    • one seasonal work day per year
    • one weekend cleanup per year
    • one volunteer shift at a school or community event with SSCP
    • attendance at two all-school general meetings (fall and spring)