Membership Overview

Because Stone School Cooperative Preschool is so dependent for its success on parents taking part, it is of the utmost importance that every member understand the operation of the school.

The only paid employee is our teacher. For Stone School to thrive, it is important that parents volunteer. While not all parents will contribute in the same way to the school, the talents of all families are needed. As is true with many things in life, the more you contribute, the more you and your child will gain. While certain established requirements are made of parents, families are also asked to assume responsibility for the many small, unscheduled needs that arise in the daily operations of the school. If you have any ideas or skills that will be useful in helping Stone School to thrive, please contact either of the Co-Presidents or any member of our Board.

Current Stone School members should read the Member Handbook and be aware of parent roles and responsibilities.

The Member Handbook contains information about member responsibilities, tuition and deposits, the school day, field trips, the role of assist parents, school jobs, health & safety, our snack policy, as well as many other important aspects.

Fundraising is a very important part of a Stone School family’s responsibilities and parents are encouraged to explore ways to help raise funds to go toward the school’s operating budget and to keep tuition costs low.

Board of Directors

The school’s Board of Directors takes an active role in helping to keep the school running smoothly. The Board meets once a month to discuss general school business, activities, and any issues raised by the board, the membership, or the teachers.

Parent board members volunteer for their positions and are nominated/elected at the school’s spring all-school general meeting. Board positions begin in May and typically continue until the following May. The exceptions are the two Co-President positions. Each Co-President serves for two years (with a new Co-President starting each school year).

The Board of Directors consists of:

  • Our Teacher
  • Two Co-Presidents
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Assistant Treasurer
  • Financial Processor
  • Two Co-Membership Chairs
  • Four Room Group Parents (one for each class)
  • Building and Grounds person
  • Equipment and Supplies person
  • Two Fundraising Events Coordinators
  • Publicity person


If you have been approved to purchase something for Stone School, but have used your own money to pay for it, please submit a reimbursement request through the Google Form available here.