How can I obtain more information about Stone School Cooperative Preschool or arrange to take a tour of the school?

  • The best way to obtain more information or schedule a tour is by contact form with a subject of “SSCN” and one of our Membership Chairpersons will respond to your inquiry. If you wish to contact the school via telephone, please consider calling after school hours and leaving a voicemail and your call will be returned by one of our membership chairpersons. If you call during the school day, the teacher or assist parent will take your information and have a membership chairperson return your call.

Are you affiliated with the former Stone High School or Ann Arbor Public Schools?

  • No, we are an independent school. We are not affiliated with Ann Arbor Public Schools or any other organization.
  • Our building was the original Stone School Building, once part of the Ann Arbor School District. The Cooperative Nursery was started in 1953 and rented the building from Ann Arbor Public Schools. Stone School Cooperative Nursery Purchased the building from the school district in 1995. The name was changed to Stone School Cooperative Preschool in 2015.

Is my child old enough to attend Stone School?

  • To be eligible for enrollment in the 3’s or 3/4’s classes, your child must turn three on or before September 1 of the school year of enrollment.
  • To be eligible for enrollment in the 4’s class, your child must turn four on or before September 1 of the school year of enrollment.

My child will turn 3 in October; can he/she enroll after his/her birthday?

  • No. Our classes and age cut-offs are based on the school year. Your child must turn three by September 1 of the school year to be eligible for the 3’s or 3/4’s class.

What is the class size? What is the adult/child ratio?

  • Each class can have up to 22 children.
  • Each class has one teacher. There will typically be 3 assist parents. However, if enrollment is low, there may only be 2 assist parents.

Does my child need to be potty trained?

  • No. We will accept children who are not potty trained; however, due to our licensing we are not allowed to change diapers.

Will my child go on field trips? How much do they cost? How does transportation work?

  • Yes, we go on several field trips through the year.
  • Most field trips are included as part of the tuition.
  • Parents are responsible for transporting their child to the field trip location instead of school. They can also arrange to carpool. Parents may stay for field trips, however, if there is a fee for participation they will have to pay for themselves, unless they are the Assist Parent that day.
  • Past field trips have included the fire station, Domino Farms, University of Michigan Natural History Museum, apple picking, County Farm Park, and more.

What types of fundraising does the school do?

  • There is only one required fundraiser. Every spring we have a raffle and each family is required to buy or sell $100 of tickets. Prizes may include items such as store gift cards, hotel stays, event tickets, art, and much more.
  • We run additional fundraisers which are completely optional. These may include: special weekend events at the school; shopping fundraisers; Kroger Rewards Cards; restaurant and local area business fundraisers.

How does parking work at school?

  • There are only enough spaces for the teacher and assist parents to park on school property. We have a drop off lane and the teacher or one of the assist parents will get your child from the car and bring them to the car at the end of the day.
  • Alternatively, you may park in the neighborhood and walk your child to and from the school entrance. There is parking in the neighborhood across Packard Road (Ember Way) with a walkway to the intersection of Packard and Stone School. See the Parking page for more information.
  • Please do not park at Pathways to Success across the street during school hours. Your vehicle may be towed.

What is the parent commitment?

  • You will be the assist parent roughly every 5–7 classes depending on your class size. This would be roughly every three weeks in the 3’s and 3/4’s which meet twice a week and every two weeks in the 4’s which meet three times a week.
  • In order to help keep our tuition low, we ask parents to help with school maintenance and day-to-day operations as much as possible so that we do not need to pay for services.
  • Each family will have a school job. Jobs vary in duties, from Board positions, to Equipment and Supply Purchaser, Website Maintenance, Substitute Teacher, and many more.
  • Each family will be expected to do one weekend cleanup of the school’s interior and one major seasonal work day per year.
  • There are two required all-school general meetings, which a member of every family must attend (fall and spring).

What about my other children while I am assisting?

  • When you are scheduled as an Assist Parent, your attention needs to be on assisting with the class, so younger children cannot accompany you. Younger siblings are of course welcome at other times you are at the school, such as for parties.
  • You may participate in a Babysitting Swap. Before school begins, you may sign up to exchange child care duties for younger siblings with other parents in your class. You may let the Assist Scheduler know about your arrangements to avoid being scheduled on the same dates.

What does an assist parent do?

  • There are three assist parent roles.
  • The Art Parent will help with the day’s art project.
  • The Snack Parent is responsible for bringing the snack. (We are a nut-free school. Please see the Snack Guidelines.) The Snack Parent will also supervise activities in the basement during free play.
  • The Curb Parent is responsible for getting children out of the cars at drop off. During school, the Curb Parent will help supervise play upstairs during free play. The Curb Parent will help supervise at the end of the day when children are on the playground and will take children back to their cars at the drop-off/pick-up lane and buckle them into their car.
  • Discipline matters are referred to the teacher.

What qualifications does an assist parent need?

Does the assist parent have to be a parent?

  • No. Many families have grandparents who do some or all of the assists.