Classes and Tuition

The learning environment at Stone School Cooperative Preschool is specifically designed to meet the needs of our diverse community.  We take pride in the ability to offer a variety of programs for children aged two and half to six years old. Here at SSCP we encourage families to customize their children’s schedule to fit their needs, including the ability to enroll in multiple programs.


Who are our programs for?

  • 2-Day
    • Typically for children new to a school environment
    • Recommended age of 3-4 years old
    • Children 33 months of age accepted in 2-Day AM
  • 3-Day
    • Typically for children with some preschool experience
    • Recommended age of 4-5 years old
  • 5-Day Full Day
    • For children with some preschool experience
    • Recommended age of 3.5-5 years old
  • Extended Day*
    • To lengthen class hours from 4:00 pm-5:30 pm


* Limited spots are available in these programs and require additional tuition on top of class tuition.

Class Schedules for the 2020-2021 School Year

ClassesDays & TimesTuition
2 Day AMTuesday & Thursday
9a - 12p
2 Day PMTuesday & Thursday
1p - 4p
extended day: 4p - 5:30p
$197 /month
+$50 extended day
3 Day AMMonday, Wednesday & Friday
9a - 12p
$247 /month
3 Day PMMonday, Wednesday & Friday
1p - 4p
extended day: 4p - 5:30p
+$50 extended day
5 Day Full DayMonday, Wednesday & Friday
7a - 4p
Extended day: 4p - 5:30p
$825 /month
+$100 extended day (4-5:30)

What makes each of Stone School’s programs unique?

The 2 Day Program is designed to be the first independent experience into a preschool setting.  Children learn that school is a safe, positive, and fun place. We encourage learning through play, exploration, and discovery.  Social and emotional development is built upon by fostering relationships between children and adults other than Mom and Dad, offering children the opportunity for choice making and independent discovery.  As well as teaching social skills, the 2 Day Program adds academic components that are developmentally appropriate. Children learn pre-literacy skills through singing, story time, critical listening activities and letter formation through Handwriting Without Tears (a curriculum of proper pencil grip and letter writing).  Math skills are taught through counting, calendar activities, and games. Upon completion of this program, children gain a familiarity with a school setting and achieve a level of self-confidence that allows them to comfortably move to a more advanced class.


The 3 Day Program is designed to develop Kindergarten readiness by providing children with the social and academic tools they will need to comfortably transition to a Kindergarten environment.  Building on concepts introduced in the 2 Day Program, children continue to develop academically, socially and emotionally. Children learn literacy skills through games, small group workshops, singing and story time.  Counting, arithmetic games and calendar activities help to reinforce learned math skills and concepts. We focus on learning through exploration and play, and foster a love of learning through science, math, art, dramatic play, outdoor play, and literacy.  Upon completion of this program, children develop a strong foundation for future learning and are better prepared for a smooth transition into Kindergarten.


The All-Day Program will introduce the same Kindergarten readiness skills as the 5-Day Program with the added benefit of introducing children to a longer school day.  The day will include a lunch hour and option for nap/quiet time. Lunches must be provided by families and the children will receive two snacks provided by Stone School. A limited number of openings are available for the All-Day Program. The Extended Day Add-On is available for children enrolled in the All-Day Program and families enrolled in the All-Day Program will be given Extended Day wait list priority.

Each of our classes are mixed-age. Mixed-age classes provide value for both groups; developing competence and confidence for older children as mentors and nurturers and allows for younger children the opportunity to observe and model their older classmates behavior. Each child’s individual learning experience is guided by their own ability, readiness, and interests. Our teacher adapts to the developmental needs and learning styles of each child, while guiding and supporting them, to ensure growth throughout their time here at Stone School Cooperative Preschool. Mixed-aged classes is a great way to allow family’s the ability to put siblings together in class, better aligning with schedules and familial needs.

If you are interested in additional class time for your child, you are welcome to enroll them in more than one class, however the full day program is the only program available during the lunch hour (12-1). 

Enroll now and/or contact us with additional questions.