Board Positions & Responsibilities

The SSCP board is made up of the teachers and a group of parents who are interested in taking on a more active role in helping to keep the school running smoothly. Board members volunteer for their positions and generally serve a one year term, unless they choose to stay on longer. The exceptions to this are the 2 co-president positions, which run for 2 years, with one new co-president starting every year. The board term runs from the end of one school year through the end of the next year. The board meets once each month from 7-9 pm. Board members do not take on an additional school job unless positions reporting to them are unfilled, and their families are exempt from having to do a weekend cleanup if membership numbers are high enough.


The two CO-PRESIDENTS plan and lead monthly board meetings and biannual General Meetings. They perform or delegate general school business, including paperwork required by state agencies and issues raised by board and membership


The SECRETARY is responsible for taking minutes at all board and general meetings, maintaining a permanent file of board meeting minutes, sending out correspondence as needed, collecting and distributing the mail year-round, including from the Ann Arbor Post Office branch on W. Stadium, and taking care of other paperwork as needed.


The TREASURER is responsible for tracking Stone School’s expenses relative to its budget, maintaining the accounts (reconciling statements monthly, ensuring that payroll and other taxes are paid on time, preparing monthly budget reports), and serving as liaison to the School’s accountant. The Treasurer maintains copies of all financial records, including tax forms. The Treasurer, with the Co-Presidents and Secretary, develops the annual budget proposal and prepares a five-year budget plan.

Assistant Treasurer

The ASSISTANT TREASURER’s main duty is to pay bills in a timely fashion. These may include monthly teacher paychecks, tax payments, handling reimbursement requests. The Assistant Treasurer is also responsible for maintaining a check register, generating and submitting a monthly expense report, maintaining on file copies of our tax exemption letter, and maintaining on file a safety deposit box key.

Financial Processor

The FINANCIAL PROCESSOR is responsible for the intake, recording, and deposit of tuition and fund-raising monies.

Building and Grounds

The BUILDING AND GROUNDS Chair is responsible for maintenance and repair of the school and grounds. This involves working with various contractors, both getting bids and being at the school when they are working; performing regular maintenance tasks, such as changing furnace filters; keeping a general eye on the state of the building and playground; and supervising/ working with the Major Cleanup and Weekend Cleanup Coordinators. “Fix-it” skills are not required for this job, but good organization skills and time flexibility are helpful.

Room Group Parents

There are four ROOM GROUP PARENTS, one for each class. Each Room Group Parent acts as a liaison between the Board and their class. Prior to the school year, the Room Group Parent welcomes incoming families with playdates at Stone School and elsewhere. The Room Group Parents also assist in planning and conducting the Parent Orientation meetings. During the school year, they plan activities for their classes outside of school. The Room Group Parents also assist the teachers with class communications, help plan class celebrations, and organize class gifts. The Room Group Parents conduct Orientation for any family in their class who joins the school mid-year, and each Room Group Parent is assigned a special committee to head in the spring (Recruitment of new Board-3’s, Teacher Contracts-4’s AM, Evaluations-4’s PM and 3/4’s).

Membership Chair

The MEMBERSHIP CHAIR is responsible for handling all applications that come through Stone School. This entails keeping up class lists on a spreadsheet throughout the year. It further entails putting together enrollment packets and sending them out to incoming families. The Membership Chair is in charge of bringing needed paperwork and class lists to the open house in February, and to additional open houses in May and August if needed. The Membership Chair takes charge of enrollment paperwork, returning phone calls, and giving tours to prospective new families.

Fundraising Coordinator

The FUNDRAISING COORDINATOR’s job is to come up with fundraisers other than the raffle and to plan and implement those events. The Fundraising Chair may work with the Raffle Chair if needed/ desired. The most important thing the Fundraising Events Coordinator does is make sure everything is organized, on time, and communicated to the SSCN families. The Coordinator is responsible for getting the information flyers ready and emailed to families have enough time to gather and place orders. Good writing skills, people skills, management skills, and organizational skills are a plus for this position.


The PUBLICITY person’s main job is to let the public know about our open houses and attend the open houses. There is always an open house in early February, and we will also schedule them in May and/or August if we still have room in our classes. Publicity needs to make signs for each open house to hang on our fence, advertise open houses and enrollment information on various local websites, update and print the open house flyer, and distribute copies of the flyer to the board and membership so they can be put up around town. The Publicity person should attend the Preschool Expo, normally the last Sunday in January, and make or arrange for some kind of take-home item for attendees.

Health Coordinator

The HEALTH COORDINATOR needs to check over, organize, and maintain the emergency card file, check over and maintain the file of health forms, enter data into the state’s computer records system in the early fall, enter weekly reports if there are any illnesses at school, and check and maintain the first aid kits at school. It is helpful if the person filling this job has some experience in a healthcare field, but this is not required.